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Parish Council Elections 2015

Results of the Elections to Glaisdale Parish Council - held on the 7th May 2015 :

** Superfast Broadband for Lealholm **

Superfast Broadband Lealholm (Low Wood Lane, Lealholm Lane) has now been fibre enabled. Just contact your service provider, or another of your choice, and check out the offers available. 

Superfast broadband will help improve access to jobs, allow local companies to compete in the global marketplace, create new opportunities for local people in the way they work, learn and enjoy their leisure time, and help young people make use of educational resources online. 

Check to see if you can order fibre by entering your telephone number (or address) into the availability checker on the link button to the right of this text.


York Potash - information regarding impact of operations during construction phase re works planned at Ladycross Plantation, Egton.

Sirius Minerals have published extracts from their Environmental Impact Report in answer to queries put by Glaisdale Parish Council in which concerns were raised regarding how the proposed operations at Ladycross during the construction phase might impact upon the local community. The information is detailed and it would not be practical to create a precis of the information for publication here.

To enable all those interested in its content to view these extracts we list beneath a set of links to the published reports. Click on the link to download a PDF version of the relevant extract. (Please note that some of these files are quite large and may take some time to download.)

Tourism impact : Click Here

Photographs of Lady Cross Access Shaft Site before and during construction : Click Here

Drainage at Lady Cross : Click Here

Restoration Proposals (Lady Cross) : Click Here

Proposed lighting (Lady Cross) : Click Here

Traffic Assessment : Click Here

Junction at Lady Cross : Click Here

Park and Ride : Click Here

Economic impact :Click Here

Electricity : Click Here

Site vehicle movements during operations : Click Here (This info can be found in Part 2, Chapter 16 of this document!)


Restoration of public toilet facilities in Glaisdale village.

As many of you will know the only public toilet facility in Glaisdale was closed by Northern Rail (NR), the owners, late last year when Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) declined to renew the lease held by them. Since then discussions have been ongoing between SBC, GPC and NR to try to resolve the issue by whatever means and to restore the facility as soon as possible.
This is a complex issue with ongoing implications for both the council and the community, and one which will involve significant committment and expense from the community and we are currently examining what measures are possible and what can be justified in orderto restore this provision. It may be that the council will ask for a mandate from the parish to incur the necessary costs involved on your behalf - after all, it is you who will need to fund it via your council tax!
** Please respond to any canvassing that the PC may decide to initiate to enable us to deliver the best outcome.**

** - January 2015 - This matter is no longer being pursued by the parish council. After full examination of the circumstances and likely costs to adopting this facility at Glaisdale members decided that it was neither practical nor affordable in the short term. Northern Rail have been informed of our withdrawal from interest in the building. **

New Housing Needs Survey for Glaisdale Parish !!

At the April meeting of the council members agreed that there should be a new Housing Needs Survey undertaken to quantify a perceived need for affordable housing in the Lealholm area of the parish. The parish council, in conjunction with Scarborough Borough Council, will be conducting this new survey over the coming weeks and it will hopefully lead to the provision of a new affordable housing development at Lealholm in the next few years.

20/06/2014 : The Housing Needs Survey documents are now being distributed to homes throughout the parish. Any individual who may be feel that they could qualify for such housing is urged to complete and return the survey form in the pre-paid envelope as soon as possible. It would also be helpful if even those not currently interested or envisaging a need in the near future could return the forms, marked with a comment that 'they are not presently looking for any such accommodation' This will help to identify those without any interest and those who just have not yet returned the form, for whatever reason.

Affordable Housing in Glaisdale Parish - - (Entry last updated 10th January 2012)

Individuals/Families having an interest in renting/part purchase of any of these properties should make contact as below :

  • For Rental only : Contact -Sanctuary Housing on 01142 328218 where you can request an application form and get advice as to eligibility etc.
  • For Part Purchase enquiries only contact Sanctuary Housing Homebuy Scheme on 0800 916 1520 where advice and ownership requirements can be found.


Update September 2012**......  Sanctuary Housing have now confirmed that the properties at Thornhill View Glaisdale are now all occupied and that the letting/purchase process is now closed until such time as any properties become available for subsequent rental/purchase.

Update May 2013** ......  Sanctuary Housing have advised that there is one two bedroomed property at Thornhill View Glaisdale which is shortly to become available for letting. Interested and qualifying individuals should place a bid for the property with Sanctuary Housing at Scarborough on 01142 328218 (Contact - Carol Ball)