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Glaisdale Parish encompasses the villages of Glaisdale, Lealholm, Houlsyke, Street (Fryup), and Greenhouses, as well as Glaisdale dale and parts of Eskdale and Great Fryupdale.   The parish is large and diverse and includes areas of moorland and the valleys of Glaisdale, Great Fryupdale and The Esk.   Most of the major facilities, including shops and the railway stations, are located in the largest villages, Lealholm and Glaisdale.

In 2004 the Parish Council proposed the development of a Parish Plan and this has led to the finished document being published in the spring of 2006.   A steering committee of interested people was assembled and included people from across the whole parish.   Two consultation 'drop-in' days were held in November 2004 where everyone from the parish was invited to come along and give their views on key issues for the parish.   The information gathered at these events was used to put together a questionnaire on a range of topics of local importance.  This survey was sent to every household in June 2005 and there was an excellent response rate with 200 completed questionnaires being returned.

The final Plan document gives an analysis of the responses received and of the issues raised.   This is followed by an Action Plan which has been developed from the answers and comments of the people of Glaisdale Parish.   The Action Plan includes a number of projects to be taken forward by the community working in partnership.   It is hoped that volunteers wil continue the work and take forward action on issues that are important to them.   This will be done with the support of the Parish Council and other organisations and authorities and with the coordination of the Parish Plan steering group.

To download a copy of the Results document just click on the 'Parish Plan-Results & Actions' image above!

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What Happens Now ?

Some of the identified actions will be carried out by the Parish Council but many also require input and drive from volunteers from the community.  This is necessary from several perspectives :  Ideas can be taken forward by those with the most vested interest, thus sharing out the work and potentially producing results more quickly  :  It will promote better understanding between parishioners and parish councillors and so engender greater support from the community for the work of the parish council.

Anyone wishing to volunteer to help or to lead on any of the issues raised are invited to contact any member of the steering group, or the Clerk to the Parish Council, contact details for which are listed below.



For all initial enquiries please contact :-

Mr D Palmer, Clerk to Parish Council : Dalegarth, Glaisdale -- Telephone | 01947 897481 | email : clerk@glaisdalepc.org.uk