Parish Perspectives

We live in a beautiful part of North Yorkshire and we know you must have some stunning pictures amongst all those photos in that box on top of the wardrobe!      Dig them out and send them to us - we will enter them into our Gallery for all to enjoy.

[ ** Photos should be of local interest and accompanied by a short descriptive text detailing where the picture was taken and any interesting facts which the picture may reveal. We can only publish images for which you own the copyright!   In submitting the image(s) you are agreeing to their publication on this website.**]

To read any descriptive text, hover the cursor over the image - three buttons will appear - clicking on the 'Info' button will reveal the image description. Clicking on the 'Stop' button will halt the slideshow. Clicking on the 'Link' button will take you to any associated page/website to which the image may be linked. If no link exists, clicking on this button will have no effect. After reading the descriptive text you must move the cursor away from the image to allow the slideshow to continue.

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