Council Finance

On this page you will find information relating to the current and previous financial years. Some of this information is summarised from the original documents and is presented here as an overall view of the finances of Glaisdale Parish Council for the relevant year.

The full version of the accounts is available for inspection on application to the Clerk.

Current Year ( 2024-25) – Live accounts  (published 1st July, 1st Oct, 1st Jan, )

(Where details are held in composite form, just click on the text to view the information in PDF format.)

2023-2024 Governance and Audit Statements

** Due to this authority claiming Exemption status, the above listed documents will not be audited by the external auditor unless any questions or objections are made to the external auditor during the period set out for such questions and objections as set out in the Notice of Public rights document.**

Annual Return (**AUDITED**)– Previous financial years.
(Click on any financial year listed below to download a PDF copy of the Annual Return form & Auditors Report for that year.)  

Annual returns for years prior to 2014 are not published here.  Please contact the Clerk if you require information for previous years.

(The Annual Return for 2017/18 (and henceforth) take a different form to prior years. Published in these links is a copy of the Exemption Certificates sent to the Auditor. The detailed accounting figures are available from GPC by arrangement with the Clerk/RFO.)

Model Agreements and Precepts

The Model Agreement (M.A.) is a contract between Glaisdale Parish Council (GPC) and Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) in which certain responsibilities of SBC within the parish are undertaken by GPC who are compensated financially for any expense incurred in doing so with an amount agreed annually and included with the GPC precept payments.

The Precept is the principle source of income for the parish council and is derived from the Council Tax each household pays to SBC every year. The amount is determined in GPC’s budget process and is calculated when the budget for the following year is drawn up by the Clerk/RFO and agreed by Council members, normally in November of each year for the following financial year. The precept amount requested of SBC is solely determined by GPC and is not subject to any mitigation by the precepting authority(SBC).

The following information is a record of the M.A. and Precept requests in the previous and preceeding years.

2022/2023 M.A. : £2244  –  Precept agreed £7500

2021/2022 M.A. : £2181  –  Precept agreed £7500

2020/2021  M.A. : £2166   –  Precept agreed £7000

2019/2020  M.A. : £2130   – Precept agreed £7800
2018/2019  M.A. : £2084   – 
Precept agreed £7600
2017/2018  M.A. : £2023   – 
Precept agreed £8400
2016/2017  M.A. : £2007   – 
Precept agreed £9000
2015/2016  M.A. : £2007   – 
Precept agreed £7600
2014/2015  M.A. : £1962   – 
Precept agreed £8300
2013/2014  M.A. : £1901   – 
Precept agreed £7400
2012/2013  M.A. : £1863   – 
Precept agreed £6700
2011/2012  M.A. : £1755   – 
Precept agreed £6000