Media Submission Conditions

Conditions of publication for items submitted to the ‘Notice Board’ and ‘Gallery’ pages.

Glaisdale Parish Council (GPC) reserves the right to refuse publication where the information submitted is deemed to be offensive, defamatory or political in nature, or which promotes racial or religious intolerance.

Images included in any submission should be in either ‘giff’ or ‘jpg’ formats and the copyright must be held by the submitting party, or the copyright holder must give express permission to GPC to publish the image(s). Please be aware that where images submitted show individuals, particularly children, those individuals, or their guardians, need to be aware of the intended publication and must give their approval to such use.

Any decision of GPC to deny publication of any submission, for reasons set out above, is final and binding.

Glaisdale Parish Council accepts no liability for any consequence arising from the use of the information set out on these pages and is not responsible for the accuracy or otherwise of the information published. (E.O.E) GPC advises that those responsible for the content of information submitted should ensure that the information is proof-read before submission. GPC will not query the content supplied but will publish it as provided subject to the conditions referred to above.