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Meeting Agendas

** Agendas for current, next and previous meetings are stored in Adobe Acrobat® format and will be downloaded when you click on the respective link. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader® installed on your computer to display and read these minutes. If you do not have this facility you can download and install Acrobat Reader® free of charge from the Adobe website by clicking on the link below.

** This link will take you to the Adobe web-site. ‘ Click Here ‘ Please follow the on-screen instructions to download and install Adobe Reader onto your computer.


Agenda for next meetings

Agenda for the next meeting (April 2021) will be published on Monday 19th April 2021

[This date is later than normal due to the period of public mourning declared for HRH Prince Philip]

[LGA 1972 s243 dictates that during periods of public mourning it is not possible to serve the legally required public notice for a council meeting to take place] 

Latest published Agenda

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Agenda April 21 public

(published on Sunday prior to meeting)

Suggest Agenda Items

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