Current Issues

Current Issues


Results of the Elections to Glaisdale Parish Council – held on the 5th May 2022

Uncontested election results – GLAISDALE WARD
Uncontested election results – LEALHOLM WARD


20/06/2014 : The Housing Needs Survey documents are now being distributed to homes throughout the parish. Any individual who may be feel that they could qualify for such housing is urged to complete and return the survey form in the pre-paid envelope as soon as possible. It would also be helpful if even those not currently interested or envisaging a need in the near future could return the forms, marked with a comment that ‘they are not presently looking for any such accommodation’ This will help to identify those without any interest and those who just have not yet returned the form, for whatever reason.

23/11/2017 : The Housing Needs Survey conducted in 2014 has resulted in a proven need for a small number of housing units in Lealholm and subsequent discussions and considerations by all parties involved in the provision of a suitable development have resulted in a consensus that a development of 6 to 8 units is viable.
In order to gain feedback and comment from parish residents an open day has been arranged on the 23rd November in the Ley Hall Lealholm between 13.30 and 18.30pm. This is a ‘Red Line’ consultation (meaning that there will not yet be any detail of proposed housing types etc.) and is an opportunity for local residents to ask questions and voice any concerns they may have.  The government ‘Community Led Housing’ initiative will also be outlined in order to decide if this would be a more advantageous route to consider.

Current : The original Affordable Housing initiative proposed for Lealholm and initiated by the parish council has, after community consultation, been superceded by a new ‘Community led Housing’ (CLH) project to be overseen by a residents group in conjunction with participating district council involvement.  This new scheme will utilise the same site as identified during the Affordable Housing project but will increase the number of housing units, made possible by increased funding available through the CLH scheme.  A committee has been assembled to oversee the process and to ensure community wishes are respected throughout the process.  Several ‘Open Days’ and information forums have already been held and will continue as the process develops.